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An Epiphany at Midnight

The characters and situations are raw and politically incorrect, but so is life. Sometimes you just feel like screaming, and I suppose the comic series is my way of screaming.

An Epiphany at Midnight deals with issues of divorce and alienation and unemployment and homelessness, things that I was going through or terrified of, so it’s dark and deals with these issues from a very personal perspective.  Basically, it is me trying to understand these things in my life, but I think it has some definite universal aspects.  A reader of it has already told me that "In Issue 4 the depth is more accessible."  Does that mean the water is less deep or is it less murky?  You decide.

Do you understand?  Life can hit a person hard, and the pages of this comic book is my way of hitting back.  But it's not just for me, I hope.  Oh God, I hope I'm not alone.

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Detail, Issue #1, An Epiphany at Midnight